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Welcome to the Pipette Gazette!

It is my pleasure to present The Pipette Gazette, our GSBS blog designed to keep you connected and informed with happenings around campus and in the biomedical science community. On a daily basis we witness first hand all the outstanding work going on within our Graduate School. We have some of the best and brightest in the Health Science Center and we look forward to highlighting people, projects and purpose through The Pipette Gazette. In order to continue to provide a variety of exciting stories we are requesting your help. When you witness something noteworthy, such as a human interest story about someone in the Graduate School, a groundbreaking new discovery in your field, an upcoming event you want to advertise, or anything else you find worthy of sharing, please contact us. In addition, we hope you will post comments to our blog stories in order to help us generate a discussion among the GSBS community. We look forward to promoting “the Art of Science” and hope you enjoy reading it!

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The Health Cell

Learning how to enter a room where you know no one is not a skill that comes naturally. Learning to network, which side to place your name tag, how to start a meaningful conversation and ultimately leaving with a new professional contact can become natural with a little practice. With the support of the graduate school, trainees experienced a luncheon at Oak Hill Country Club specifically designed to connect individuals from all different businesses and health sectors.

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Elementary Mad Scientists

Giving back to the community is an important part of education and life. Fifty-seven fourth graders experienced a day they will never forget when they made microscopes out of cell phones and extracted DNA from bananas and strawberries, all taught by biological graduate school scientists from the Initiative for Maximizing Student Development.


Neuroscience Research

Whether you call it soccer, football or Fußball, the FIFA World Cup is more than a game that happens every four years. It’s a game that brings rabid fans to the hosting country and converts occasional views to loyal watchers. But to many, watching the game is as close to participating as they get…until now.

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Mystery Box Challenge

An innovative team building activity was put to the test by 50 graduate students at the annual Cellular and Structural Biology Retreat. This program, designed solely by graduate students Heather Hambright and Desiree Wilson with the support of Dr. Pamela Larsen, was created to provide an innovative activity to build community among the students. Unbridled creativity was to be rewarded in this timed science competition.