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An UPcoming Postdoc Exhibition

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The 2nd Annual San Antonio Postdoctoral Research Forum

Author: Rheaclare Fraser, PhD | Category: Around Campus | August 04, 2014

The 2nd Annual San Antonio Postdoctoral Research Forum (SAPRF) is kicking off on Tuesday, September 16th at the Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute. I attended the first research forum soon after starting my postdoc last summer. I remember feeling welcomed and happy to know there was a sense of community and support for postdoctoral fellows. As I became involved with the UTHSCSA Postdoctoral Association (UP), I was amazed that the symposium, by and for postdocs, was put on by an organization that only existed for 6 months!

UP and our sponsor, The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA), are now 1 and 2 years old respectively; and we’re excited to offer a BIGGER research forum next month. This year’s SAPRF will involve the expansion of poster presenters to include postdocs around San Antonio from the Texas Biomedical Research Institute (TBRI), United States Army Institute for Surgical Research (USAISR), University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), and The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (UTHSCSA)! We want this event to be a success for YOU, which means we need your participation. POSTDOCS, PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR ABSRACT by Sunday August 10th! With the number of postdocs estimated at 25-TBRI, 35-USAISR, 70-UTSA and 170-UTHSCSA, we can definitely make it to 100 posters! Make sure yours is one of them. Travel award prizes will be given to the top poster presenters from each institution (judged separately). Take advantage of this CV booster, a platform to present your research, and opportunity to build relationships at different campuses.

Everyone is invited to attend the SAPRF! In our distinguished lecture on “How Scientists Can Change the World?” given by Frances Colón, Ph.D., attendees can hear about applying the diverse skills of a scientist to influence diplomacy and matters that impact our world. We encourage you to be there! Visit to find out more about abstract submission, register for the event, or learn about the speaker.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the SAPRF! 

On behalf of UP and the SAPRF Organizing Committee

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